Wiedemann Centrum 1000 Specs
Maximum Sheet Size 40″ x 80″ x .125″
(1000mm x 2000mm x 3mm)
Minimum Sheet Size 12″ x 31.5″ x 22 ga.
(300mm x 800mm x 0.8mm)
Maximum Sheet Weight 110 Lbs. (50 kg.)
Maximum Weight/Table 4400 Lbs (2000 kgs)
Max Stack Height (incl. Pallet) 7.875″ (200mm)
Load/Unload Traverse Speed 1575″/Min (40M/Min)
Load/Unload Cycle Time
(With Staged Sheet)
22 Seconds
Maximum Number of Different Parts 5
Number of Laod Stations 2
Number of Unload Stations 2
Part Selection Sequential in Order of Program Input
Sheet Separation Magnetic Fanning
Double Sheet Detection Programmable by Material Thickness
Electrical Power Supply 10KVA
Air Supply 3.5 cu ft. 80PSI