What’s New In Turret Punch Press Tooling

From its beginnings in the 1950s, the turret punch press has evolved into a versatile and vital tool for fabrication shops. The marriage of CNC to the machine has pushed its usefulness even further.

Paralleling the technological development of the turret punch press has been the tools that do the sheet metal fabricating work. Driving developments in tooling are demands from fabrication shops to get more productivity from existing resources.

The sheet metal fab shop, like virtually all metalworking businesses, is faced with seemingly relentless pressure on its margins. Customers of all shapes and sizes are swinging the cost-cutting ax with a vengeance. Fab shops find themselves squarely in the path.

To find out how turret punch press tooling is helping fab shops improve their productivity, we talked to Ken Herreid, marketing specialist at Wilson Tool (White Bear Lake, Minnesota). Wilson is a leading manufacturer of punch tools for most of the world’s turret punch press machine builders.

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