Value-Added Services for Vapor Degreasing Company

Summary: Prestige Metals proved its mettle once again by resolving a challenging issue faced by a vapor degreasing company in the Midwest. The client was grappling with the subpar durability of the paint finish on their parts, which couldn’t withstand harsh chemicals. Leveraging our extensive industry connections and expertise, we developed a specialized chemical-resistant powder coating that not only repaired the damaged parts but also ensured long-lasting quality.

Industry: Vapor Degreasing and Coating
Category: Problem-solving through Customized Powder Coating
Processes: Surface treatment, chemical-resistant powder coating, finish matching

A Midwest-based vapor degreasing company was faced with a dilemma: their parts were losing their paint finish when exposed to harsh chemicals. This compromised the durability and effectiveness of their products, raising concerns about quality and lifespan. Questions like “What causes a powder coat to flake off?” and “Is it possible to fix your powder coating if this happens?” became increasingly urgent.

Prestige Metals saw an opportunity to apply our deep expertise in coating technologies to solve this issue. Over the years, we’ve built a strong network of platers, painters, stampers, and screen printers, which allowed us to explore multiple options. After conducting an in-depth discussion with the client and evaluating the project requirements, we determined that a specialized, chemical-resistant powder coating was the answer.

We collaborated closely with a trusted powder coater to develop a coating solution that would match the original color of the parts while resisting any harsh chemicals they might encounter. The result was a bespoke powder coating formula that perfectly met the client’s needs.

The client was not just satisfied, but thrilled with our value-added services. The newly coated parts displayed excellent resistance to harsh chemicals, effectively solving the problem of paint finish degradation. Our customized solution reinstated the functional integrity of the parts while assuring long-term durability.

Prestige Metals takes pride in going beyond mere manufacturing to offer solutions that add real value to our clients’ operations. This project underscores our commitment to quality, durability, and problem-solving—a commitment that makes us more than just a metal fabricator; we are partners in innovation.