Powder coating gives a long-lasting finish to different types of parts, and is often used as a green alternative to liquid paints. It makes a part more durable and can resist a variety of situations without chipping or peeling when applied appropriately. From time to time however, problems do arise, and people are left asking questions such as, “What causes a powder coat to flake off?” and “Is it possible to fix your powder coating if this happens on one of your parts?”

Thankfully, there is a straightforward and simple answer to those questions.

A vapor degreasing company from the midwest had a similar issue with the paint finish wearing off of their parts.Their parts were not able to withstand the harsh chemicals being applied to them. Prestige Metals stepped in and found a solution that would repair the damaged finish on the parts and create a quality finish that would last.

Our years of working with a variety of platers, painters, stampers and screen printers gave us the connections and options to find the perfect solution to solve this issue. After talking with the degreasing company and exploring the project, Prestige Metals determined that a chemical resistant powder coating was needed.

The coating needed to match the original color of the parts as well as withstand any harsh chemical being applied to it. Prestige worked hand-in-hand with a powder coater to find the right solution. We landed on a special chemical resistant powder coating that matched the colors perfectly.

In the end, the vapor degreasing company was happy that we could save and repair their parts back to working condition and that we had the connections to find the right solution. Prestige Metals was proud to perform some value-adding services and restore a long-lasting durability to the parts.