Labor-Saving Design for Wastewater Treatment Company

Summary: Prestige Metals once again demonstrated its unparalleled expertise in sheet metal fabrication by offering a smart, cost-effective solution to a complex challenge. A wastewater treatment company in the Midwest faced escalating labor costs due to the intricate design of their sheet metal guards. Prestige Metals not only simplified the design without compromising quality but also significantly reduced the production costs, leaving the client exceptionally satisfied.

Industry: Wastewater Treatment
Category: Redesign and Fabrication of Sheet Metal Guards
Processes: Cutting, bending, spot welding, design optimization

A Midwest-based wastewater treatment company approached us with a complex problem. They needed sheet metal guards for their equipment, but their existing design was incredibly labor-intensive. Due to the intricacy involved in cutting, bending, and welding, the project was on track to become prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. The cost-saving potential of sheet metal fabrication was ironically being transformed into a high-cost endeavor.

When Prestige Metals took on the project, we saw it as an opportunity to showcase our skill in optimizing complex designs for cost and efficiency. After a thorough review, we made strategic changes to the design, eliminating two corners that required welding and substituting labor-intensive processes with spot welding. This not only simplified the manufacturing process but also maintained the structural integrity and quality of the guards.

As a result of our innovative redesign, the wastewater treatment company saw significant cost reductions in labor. The quality and functionality of the sheet metal guards remained uncompromised, resulting in high customer satisfaction. Our client was thoroughly pleased with our ability to transform what could have been an expensive, complex job into a cost-effective, straightforward solution.

By ingeniously re-engineering a complex design, Prestige Metals once again proved that we are more than just a fabricator—we are problem solvers committed to delivering value to our clients.