Prestige Metal Products: Redefines Precision with Surface Grinding Excellence

Discover the art and precision of surface grinding, as illuminated in the article “What is a Surface Grinder?” A cornerstone in many workshops, the surface grinder is a grinding machine akin to a multi-toothed milling cutter, wielding a grinding wheel as its cutting tool. Unlike milling, the surface grinder produces smaller metal chips, known as swarf, thanks to the thousands of cutting edges embedded in the grinding wheel.

The grinding wheel, a marvel in itself, utilizes two types of abrasive materials – aluminum oxide for highly ductile materials and silicon oxide for those with low ductility. Regardless of the material, the abrasive grains ensure a smooth finished product, with particles often coated with a diamond dressing.

Taking surface grinding to new heights, this technique serves as a finishing operation for various materials like steel, aluminum, and glass. The precision achieved through surface grinding is attributed to the two basic types of surface grinders – planer-type and rotary-type.

Planer-type grinders maintain a stationary grinding wheel while moving the worktable in a reciprocating motion. This motion can be controlled manually or through mechanical/hydraulic drive mechanisms. The spindle’s orientation, either vertical or horizontal, further enhances the flexibility of surface grinding.

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