Cartken offers robots as a service (RaaS) to customers in a pay-for-usage model. This way, as a white- label technology provider, Cartken enables companies to customize the robots for their particular brand appearance and specific application features.

Prestige Metal Products, Inc. fabricated lightweight but strong aluminum subframe components, for Cartken’s fleet of autonomous delivery vehicles. During this process, specialized welding fixtures were developed to ensure component parts were properly aligned to the final assembly.

Prestige utilized 77 years of fabrication experience to develop a project specific workflow process that allowed the project to stay under budget. A new project centric approach to our inspection process was implemented to ensure 100% of parts fabricated were all within project specification guidelines, strictly adhered to the ISO 9001 compliance processes while continually adding additional modifications.

“We are constantly looking for new opportunities in the new mobility ecosystem where they can use our manufacturing capabilities to unlock new growth areas and business models. The collaboration with Cartken is a great example of what we are trying to do. With Prestige’s expertise in manufacturing processes, we are helping companies solve last mile delivery challenges via sustainable, and cost-effective solutions.”

-John Annessi, Prestige Metal Products President