Prestige Metal Products Partners With Autonomous Robot Delivery Company

Summary: In a landmark collaboration with Cartken, a leader in Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS), Prestige Metal Products, Inc. employed its 77 years of fabrication experience to solve a critical challenge. Tasked with manufacturing aluminum subframes for Cartken’s autonomous delivery vehicles, we developed specialized workflows and inspection processes that not only ensured ISO 9001 compliance but also kept the project under budget. Our partnership with Cartken showcases how Prestige Metals leverages its manufacturing prowess to enable innovative solutions in the burgeoning field of autonomous mobility.

Industry: Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles
Category: Fabrication of Aluminum Subframes
Processes: Specialized Welding Fixtures, Custom Workflow Processes, ISO 9001 Compliance Measures

In the age of Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS), customization and quality are key. Cartken approached us with a unique requirement: to fabricate aluminum subframes for their fleet of autonomous delivery vehicles, tailored to their brand and application features. This was not just another project; it was an opportunity to define new standards in an industry ripe for disruption.

Capitalizing on our 77 years of fabrication expertise, Prestige Metals embarked on developing a project-specific workflow that combined innovation with cost-efficiency. We invented specialized welding fixtures to ensure that each component part was perfectly aligned, meeting the stringent requirements of the final assembly.

Moreover, we instituted a new, project-centric approach to our inspection process. This meticulous system ensured that 100% of the parts fabricated met the project’s specific guidelines, all while adhering strictly to ISO 9001 compliance standards. Throughout the project, we were agile, implementing additional modifications to continually enhance quality and performance.

The end result was a high-quality, compliant, and cost-effective solution that met Cartken’s exacting standards. By keeping the project under budget without compromising on quality, we showcased our commitment to delivering value.

John Annessi, President of Prestige Metal Products, summed it up: “With Prestige’s expertise in manufacturing processes, we are helping companies like Cartken solve last-mile delivery challenges via sustainable and cost-effective solutions.”

Prestige Metals continues to look for opportunities to apply its manufacturing capabilities to unlock new growth areas and business models. Our collaboration with Cartken serves as a benchmark, demonstrating how we go beyond conventional fabrication to become enablers of technological innovation and business transformation.