Prestige Metal: Embraces Advancements in Plasma Cutting Technology

As stated by The Fabricator: Plasma cutting technology has undergone significant advancements, leading metal fabricators to reconsider its application. High-definition plasma cutting now offers sharper edge-cuts compared to its predecessors. With cutting speeds of over 100 IPM on 0.25-in. mild steel, plasma torches have become highly efficient. The technology can also produce bolt-ready holes, reducing the need for additional machining after parts are cut.

Despite these advancements, manufacturers of plasma cutting technology continue to invest in research and development. Laser cutting systems are gaining power and cost-effectiveness, becoming more popular for cutting thicker materials. Waterjets remain a suitable option for cutting very thick materials, with efforts to enhance productivity. This pushes plasma cutting technology companies to defend their position as the preferred cutting method for heavy-duty fab shops and service centers.

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