Prestige Metal Products Elevates Precision with Laser Cutting Mastery

As discussed in the article “Laser Cutting” on ScienceDirect, a deep dive into the intricacies of laser cutting reveals insights crucial to the precision manufacturing of thin metals, particularly those measuring 1 mm or less. The optimization of cut parameters allows for the attainment of square side cuts, with a general rule of thumb suggesting a taper of 1/1000 of the sheet thickness up to 6 mm.

The article explores how the process addresses challenges related to squareness degradation as metal thickness increases. It emphasizes the impact of laser melting processes on surface roughness and introduces techniques such as continuous wave (CW) CO2 laser cutting to achieve specific roughness values in various metal types and thicknesses. Notably, expertise is demonstrated in controlling beam, gas, and process rate parameters to influence the heat-affected zone (HAZ) of mild steel, achieving remarkable precision.

Furthermore, the article highlights the utilization of fiber laser cutting for stiration-free cutting of thin metal sheets. The process utilizes auxiliary optical systems to produce a circularly polarized laser beam, favoring the cutting of straight-sided profiled shapes.

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