Prestige Metal: Precision and Productivity approach to Holemaking in Metal Plate

In The Fabricator’s article “Industry insights to efficient holemaking in metal plate: laser, plasma, or drilling,” providing valuable insights into optimizing holemaking processes in structural metal fabrication. With various methods available, including ironworkers, drilling machines, stamping presses, and advanced technologies like plasma, laser, and waterjet cutters, choosing the most efficient approach is paramount.

Leveraging intelligent systems such as their drilling unit has resulted in significant savings and increased productivity, as highlighted in their operations. By running the machine unmanned for extended periods and employing software programmed to autonomously detect and address issues, downtime is minimized, and production efficiency is maximized.

The company emphasizes the versatility of its equipment, utilizing the drilling function for simple hole-making tasks and the plasma cutter for more intricate cuts. This strategic approach optimizes efficiency and reduces costs, as drilling proves faster and more cost-effective for standard round holes, while the plasma cutter excels in cutting shapes and slotted holes.

The plasma cutter, in particular, boasts advanced features, including a beveling head for precise angled cuts and the capability to mill slotted holes, enhancing flexibility and versatility in hole-making processes.

By integrating cutting-edge technologies and adopting a systematic approach to hole-making, the company exemplifies efficiency and innovation in structural metal fabrication.

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