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Prestige Metal’s Customized Fabrication Solutions Across Diverse Industries

For over seven decades, Prestige has been a trusted name in metal fabrication, serving a diverse array of industries with specialized needs. In the pharmaceutical sector, we focus on creating components that meet strict quality standards for hygiene and safety, including vessels, storage tanks, piping systems, ovens, and pumps. Our expertise also extends to the food service industry, where we fabricate items like soft-serve ice cream makers, walk-in refrigerator doors, cabinets, and cooking surfaces that prioritize easy cleaning and sanitation.

In the realm of transportation and heavy industries, our contributions are equally significant. We have long-standing experience in crafting components for the railroad industry, emphasizing the aerodynamic efficiency of side panels and walls for passenger cars. For wastewater treatment, our steel products serve as robust treatment vats and transportation vessels that help preserve environmental health. We also manufacture essential parts for public transportation, ranging from chassis components to interior structures. Whether you are in the power generation sector, manufacturing, or industrial equipment, Prestige Metal offers comprehensive and reliable metal fabrication solutions designed to meet the specific challenges of each industry.


Prestige Metals offers custom, compliant stainless steel solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

Food Service

We make durable, efficient stainless steel gear that meets high hygiene and aesthetic standards.


We make precise, robust components for modern, safe rail systems.

Water Treatment

Prestige Metals makes custom, corrosion-resistant gear for clean water distribution.


We make durable, precise components for vehicle efficiency, safety, and aesthetics.


Prestige Metals creates custom components for efficient, reliable operations across sectors.


Prestige Metals makes precise, versatile components essential for production.

Power Generation

Prestige Metals crafts components for efficient, eco-friendly energy infrastructure.