For over 75 years, Prestige Metals has been a leading force in providing high-quality metal fabrication solutions across a variety of markets. Leveraging our comprehensive facility outfitted with cutting-edge equipment—from Laser Cutting and Brake Forming Presses to Shearing, Sawing, and Fastener Insertion gear—we have honed our expertise in numerous services. These include CNC laser cutting, welding, assembly, and engineering. Beyond the robust portfolio of fabrication services, we also offer Contract Manufacturing and Flexible Just-In-Time services, catering to the needs of various industries requiring precise and reliable metalwork.

Prestige Metals not only excels in sheet metal fabrication but also offers full-scale custom design and manufacturing solutions. Our Vendor Managed Inventory service ensures that we maintain flexible, agreed-upon quantities of materials in stock to meet the uninterrupted demands of our clients. If you have a project in mind, we welcome CAD generated plans and 3D models in various file formats like .DWG, .STP, .SAT, .IPT, .PDF, and .DXF for a streamlined design process. Whether you have an existing blueprint or require reverse engineering, Prestige Metals is fully equipped to transform your concept into a tangible, high-quality product.


Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision sheet metal manufacturing from basic metal products to full-scale custom design and manufacturing.

Contract Manufacturing

Prestige Metals provides contract fabrication work for many firms and industries.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Flexible, agreed-upon quantities that we will keep in stock to ensure your company never runs out.