The Laser Cutting Process

The Laser Cutting Process: Analysis and Applications presents a comprehensive understanding of the laser cutting process and its practical applications. The book includes modeling, such as thermal and stress analysis, along with lamp parameter analysis for kerf width predictions and their practical applications, such as laser cutting of metallic and non-metallic materials and assessment of quality. The book provides analytical considerations for laser cutting, the importance of the affecting parameters, stress levels formed in the cutting section, cutting efficiency and cut morphology and metallurgy. It is designed to be used by individuals working in laser machining and high energy processing.

  • Fills the gap between a fundamental understanding of the laser cutting process and the shortcomings of the industrial (practical) applications
  • Discusses new developments in the laser cutting process of difficult to cut materials
  • Includes thermal analysis for various metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Provides information on Quality Assessment Methods

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