Laser cutting optics from Scansonic now available in direct sales

When laser cutting sheet metal, the quality of the cutting optics is decisive for the overall process. The cutting heads of the S-Cut series from Scansonic set standards in quality and operation with their comprehensive functionalities. Scansonic now offers proven laser cutting optics in direct sales.

The S-Cut laser cutting optics ensure burr-free cuts in both flatbed and bevel cutting for thin as well as thick sheets. To achieve this, S-Cut combines low-drift distance control with autofocus function.

The Scansonic developers have rethought the operation of the optics. The horizontal adjustment between the laser beam and nozzle is carried out precisely and true to the axis using two rotary controls attached to the front. This solution not only saves time during setup but also increases the quality of machining significantly, the company states.

A sophisticated mechanical sealing system protects the optical components from contamination and ensures that the cutting optics are extremely robust. Continuous seal monitoring notifies the user early if something goes wrong.

The S-Cut laser cutting optics are also particularly user-friendly in terms of maintenance and service. Trained staff can carry out a great deal of maintenance on-site, even the replacement of optics packages. This saves time and prevents system downtimes.

Scansonic’s portfolio offers solutions for varying requirements: The S-Cut Pro model is suitable for focal lengths from 125 to 200 mm. The autofocus system covers an extensive range from 20 mm in the workpiece direction to 15 mm in the nozzle direction. The S-Cut 360 laser cutting optics is recommended for ring-mode lasers with a large divergence angle. Using both optics achieves excellent results especially when cutting thick structural steel with little laser power. The acceptance half-angle of the optics is 360 mrad. This means that the laser cutting optics can also be used for lasers that have a larger beam divergence.

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