Laser Cutting Application Solutions

NitroBOX is an easy solution to provide pressurized Nitrogen right where it’s needed. Its compact size makes it perfect for laser cutting and a plethora of other applications where high purity Nitrogen is required. It produces a high purity of Nitrogen to allow for cutting stainless steel up to 20 mm thick, complete with a sharp and shiny cut edge.

This innovative product is designed and developed so that fast and easy installation is possible. This is used in combination with the Plug&Play system in order to get on-site Nitrogen supply at the necessary pressure.

Additionally, NitroBOX only requires compressed air, which is already provided in facilities, or can be easily produced with a compressor, and a power supply. This results in significant saving in cost and time. It is down to PSA technology that Nitrogen can be produced directly from ambient air with no chemicals needed.

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