• The Case for Abrasive Finishing Tools in CNC Applications - With advances in abrasive technology, machining center operators can complete surface finishing simultaneously with other machining operations to speed cycle times, improve quality and save on offline finishing time and costs. As a result, contract machine shops are increasingly turning… READ MORE
  • Selecting and using abrasives for metal fabrication and welding - Selecting the right abrasive and using that abrasive correctly for metal fabrication applications and welding can make all the difference in maximizing productivity and minimizing cost. Still, with today’s tight deadlines, fabricators are tempted to use whatever abrasive is handy… READ MORE
  • 5 Things CNC Operators Must Know About Sizing Adjustments - Today, companies that use CNCs find it nearly impossible to hire qualified CNC operators in the numbers required. As a result, they are hiring people with limited or no shop experience and training them from scratch. One area that poses… READ MORE
  • 5 G-Code Tips for Increasing CNC Efficiency - Recently, these columns have focused on factors that contribute to the productivity of G-code programs, such as consistency, compatibility, ease of use and safety. Improving programs in these areas usually results in better machining efficiency. That is, when making programs… READ MORE
  • Metal Laser Cutters: All You Need to Know - Metal laser cutting machines have become easier to use, safer, more flexible, and more affordable. Read on to learn how to make the best laser cutter purchase for your shop. Metal laser cutters are a staple of machine shops and… READ MORE
  • 3 key benefits of metal stamping for electronics components - Metal stamping is a fabrication process that involves using dies and presses to form the material into desired shapes. It’s a commonly utilized practice at companies that make electronic components. Here are some of the many reasons for its popularity… READ MORE
  • When Laser Cutting Precision Begins with the Quote - “It all changed when Pringles moved into town,” Jeff Cupples says as he pulls onto the highway and away from the group of metal buildings bearing his family name. Driving across West Tennessee from Cupples’ J&J Company’s headquarters in Jackson… READ MORE
  • Laser cutting optics from Scansonic now available in direct sales - When laser cutting sheet metal, the quality of the cutting optics is decisive for the overall process. The cutting heads of the S-Cut series from Scansonic set standards in quality and operation with their comprehensive functionalities. Scansonic now offers proven… READ MORE
  • Automation for remnant management in laser cutting - A flexible manufacturing system at work, with material towers connected to one or multiple lasers or other cutting machines, is a symphony of material handling automation. Material flows from tower cassettes to the laser cutting bed. Cutting commences just as… READ MORE
  • Laser power is clean, precise and versatile - In 1917, Albert Einstein published the first paper recognizing the science behind lasers. After several decades of research and development, Theodore Maiman demonstrated the first functioning laser at Hughes Research Laboratories in 1960. By 1967, lasers were being used to… READ MORE


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