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Prestige Metal Products, Inc has been manufacturing sheet metal products for over 70 years. In Addition we have extensive experience in our craft and serve a multitude of industries. From appliances and storage in restaurants to heating/cooling ductwork. Because Prestige has what it takes to expand and advance your business.

Food Service

Prestige has great experience in metal fabrication for the food service industry. Steel products must be easy to clean and sanitary. Furthermore our products include items such as soft serve ice cream makers, walk-in refrigerator doors, cabinets and shelving, cooking surfaces and stove hoods.

Modern Fast Passenger Commuter Train in the Station


Metal fabrication is essential to the rail industry. From forming wind screens to building the side panels and walls of passenger cars, Prestige has been manufacturing parts for railroad companies for many years. Having perfectly formed side panels is important to the aerodynamics of a rail car. Because it results in less fuel consumption and better efficiency.

Modern machinery in a pharmaceutical production plant

Water Treatment

Wastewater treatment is an important process to preserving our health and the environment. In addition when industries use water as a cooling agent or lubricant.  Because the water may become contaminated with chemicals and heavy metals. Before that water can be released into the sewer or the environment, it must be treated to remove those contaminants. Our steel products have been used as treatment vats and transportation vessels.

Public Transportation

Sheet metal is used extensively in the manufacturing of parts for use in public transportation. Our products go into chassis components, windscreens and interior structures. From exterior paneling to railings for holding onto during travel, Prestige Metal Products has great experience when it comes to manufacturing safe and reliable parts for transportation.

Material Testing Equipment

Prestige designs and manufactures parts for various Material Testing Equipment. Also these include tensile strength, compression, flexibility, and crush resistance machines. Therefore these operations require very strong and durable steel components to execute their job, and Prestige Metals has the experience in manufacturing those parts.

Prestige Pharmaceutical


In the pharmaceutical industry, materials that are used in production processes must meet strict quality standards to protect the adequacy of the product and well-being of the public. Furthermore these materials must be easily cleaned and sanitary, and can be used in the production of vessels, storage tanks, piping systems, ovens and pumps. The steel we produce for these processes contain characteristics such as corrosion resistance and can withstand acids or chloride.


  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Surgical and Patient Equipment
  • Cabinetry
  • Medical Supply Carts
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