Haeger 824

  • New Servo-Driven Tool Changer (Patented) offering a 3 Second
  • Automatic Tool Change
  • Increased Part Clearance – up to 5.5″
  • New Shuttle Tooling Platform providing 2 Minute Tooling Set Up for
  • any Fastener
  • New Upper Vacuum Tip System w/ Positive Locking
  • NEW LED Laser Part Locating Light
  • Latest Release of InsertionLogic Version 9 Software includes
  • InsertionGraphics, Networking Software, Offline Programming and
  • Expanded Fastener Library

A. InsertionLogic Software + InsertionGraphics (Patent Pending) and Quality Control Pack

  • All NEW Version 9 w/ Optional Quality Control Pack includes
  • Networking Software Communication, Off-line Programming and Digital Camera Package.
  • The networking feature provides simple communication between the OneTouch and a PC or network. Create and store programs off-line and call them up on multiple machines.
  • The Off-line Programming software allows creation of programs on a PC, eliminating the need to stop the machine to create a program.
  • InsertionGraphics provides a visual guide through the insertion process. Part images are displayed on the computer touch screen – each fastener position on the part is displayed with a color-coded flashing dot. This virtually eliminates the possibility of missing a fastener or inserting one in the incorrect location.
  • New and improved Quality Assurance feature checks fastener length and presence.
  • Multiple types/sizes of fasteners are inserted in one part handling.
  • Touch Screen Control PC based, 12-inch full color touch screen interface featuring the Microsoft® Windows XP operating system, solid state memory, 640 x 480 resolution, 128MB RAM working memory, 512MB flash memory (storage), Ethernet port and USB port.
  • Languages InsertionLogic software can be configured to operate in fourteen languages, providing valuable customization for worldwide use and operation.


B. Autofeed Tool Change System

  • The New OneTouch-3 offers a four station automatic tool changing system with a Servo-Driven Upper Axis which offers a 3 Second Automatic Tool change. The new shuttle tooling platform provides 2 minute tooling set up for any fastener.


C. 4 MAS Units

  • The OneTouch comes standard with four nine-inch (MAS) Modular Autofeed Systems.


D. Operator Safety System

  • Haeger’s patented Safety System is effective at any point in the ram stroke irrespective of the tooling length, requiring no set up by the operator; thus not affecting initial machine set up time.


E. Fully Hydraulic System

  • The OneTouch is extremely accurate and allows the operator to apply full tonnage at any point in the stroke. Faster ram speed increases productivity, reduces part cost and provides faster payback. The electronically controlled hydraulic system assures the most repeatable force in the industry.


FLow Energy Usage

  • The hydraulic system uses approximately 40% less energy than air or air over hydraulic methods making it less expensive to operate.


G. Positive Stop

  • Ideal for insertions into thin gauge materials and other delicate insertion applications where absolute repeatability is critical. The Positive Stop is a standard feature and facilitates insertion in parts where pressures as low as 50lbs. may be needed.


H. Custom Tooling and Special Applications

  • Applications Haeger provides an unmatched selection of standard tooling in both inch and metric hardware, while Haeger’s in-house capabilities provides solutions to engineer and manufacture manual and automatic tooling for virtually any fastener.


I. Laser Part Locating Light

  • The NEW Laser Part Locating Light guides your insertion process with a “red cross hair” laser locator to show exactly where each fastener is inserted. The light provides fast hole location and identification.


J. Digital Camera Interface

  • The Haeger supplied digital camera, part of the Quality Control Pack, provides the ability to take part images at the machine and immediately import them into a part program.