Global Food Processing Machinery

A number of factors will contribute to sales gains:

  • the transition from manual food processing to mechanical food processing in developing countries
    • replacement of older machinery in mature markets
    • government initiatives to support local food and beverage manufacturing industries
    • rising demand for processed foods
    • development of new foods and beverages that require new production methods and associated machinery

Key Findings in the Global Food Processing Machinery Study:

Developing Nations to Outperform Developed Markets
The fastest increases in food processing machinery demand are projected to occur in developing parts of the world. The Asia/Pacific region, Central and South America, and the Africa/Mideast region will all record above average market advances. Among developing areas, only Eastern Europe will post subpar demand gains, as ongoing political and economic instability in the region hampers foreign investment.
Central and South America will register the fastest sales growth of any region. In fact, Brazil is expected to record the most robust sales increases of any major national market through 2021. Following a strong contraction in food processing machinery demand brought upon by falling food and beverage manufacturing and investment activity and economic instability, sales gains in Brazil and other countries in the region will be fueled by a resurgence in investment spending as food and beverage suppliers expand capacity. The alleviation of pent-up replacement demand will also boost overall product sales.

China to Remain the Single Largest Market
Responsible for more than one-fifth of global demand, China is a critical market for many food processing machinery suppliers. Through 2021, the nation is forecast to account for more than one-third of total global demand increases in value terms as China continues to expand its processed food manufacturing capabilities.

Most Developed Nations to Record an Improvement in Equipment Sales Through 2021
Nearly all developed markets will post improved market performance through 2021 compared to the 2011-2016 period, when sales were sluggish or declined. An anticipated increase in food and beverage industry investment will stimulate equipment demand, especially since many food processors postponed replacing equipment when investment slowed or fell. The US will be a notable exception. The country posted particularly strong demand increases between 2011 and 2016 as heightened industry investment spurred equipment replacement spending. An expected moderation in investment growth will result in a similar deceleration in equipment sales gains.

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