Freedom Machine Tool Announces New CNC Machine Design

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS), headquartered in Colorado, manufactures the highest quality 5 axis and 3 axis CNC machines in the industry. DMS has recently created a new design in their Freedom Machine Tool product line. This new machine, the FMT Plus, provides a greater degree of versatility without sacrificing rigidity. This FMT Plus machine offers a Z axis of up to 15 inches, an increase from its previous top-line FMT router by eight inches. This enables customers to route materials having greater levels of height and thicknesses such as plastic, dense wood and foam composites.

The FMT Plus is comprised of a fully stress-relieved, laser-calibrated steel frame. The frame is then outfitted with 30mm motion rails on both the X and Y axis’s. These are driven by 30mm and 40mm ball-screw assemblies, respectively. This precision engineering ensures a durable, long-lasting, high-quality routing machine.

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