Ensuring FSMA readiness with manufacturing cloud ERP

You may still be figuring out how to get your company FSMA ready with minimal cost or disruption to business. You’re not alone. In a recent survey of more than 400 food processors and manufacturers, 68 percent said they were “somewhat ready” for FSMA.* A group of food processors and manufacturers have put in place four key components to ensure FSMA readiness and the ability to meet market demands—while minimizing costs and maximizing profitability:

1. HACCP Support
Not only must you provide documented HACCP plans with corrective/preventative actions—and maintain these records for a minimum of two years—but you also need to ensure that you automate the tracking and reporting process. To ensure efficient and effective compliance, that means automated electronic document controls, electronic signatures, workflow management, and critical control point alerts as well as statistical process controls (SPC) for easy collection of quality data. Does your HACCP support plan still require manual intervention? If so, it could cost your company.

2. Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
Control of plant floor activities is a key to your overall efficiency. Making sure that you track production, scheduling, scaling, and rejections gives you insight into how your operations can improve or maintain processes. You also want to track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to avoid costly breakdowns, develop a knowledge base of technical experience, respond quickly to maintenance problems, and maximize productivity.

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