Clausing Drill Press

Clausing Drill Press Specs
Capacity, hand feed 1.25″ (31.75mm) dia
Production rated, with optional
power feed, 1 1/2 hp motor
1″ (25.4mm) in cast iron
3/4″ (19mm) in mild steel
Drill to center of circle 20″ (508mm) dia
Spindle nose No. 3MT, 1.74″ (44.2mm) OD
Spindle travel 6.5″ (165mm)
Column ground steel, 4″ (102mm) dia,
3/8″ (9.5mm) thick wall
Quill (ground steel) 2.5″ (63.5mm) dia
Quill return spring, capacity 40 lbs (18kg)
Table, Drill Press Style A  
Working Surface 22″ x 19.5″ (559 x 495mm)
Table slots two, 15.5″ (394mm) long, for
.5″ (12.7mm) T-bolt
Table travel, one setting 20″ (508mm) dia
Spindle to table, maximum 33.125″ (841mm)
Base, Drill Press Style A  
Working surface, ground 15.5″ x 13″ (394 x 330mm)
Base T-slots two, 13″ (330mm) long, for
.5″ T-bolt
Spindle to Base, maximum 43.375″ (1102mm)
Drill Press Style B  
Column bracket to center of spindle 9.25″ (235mm)
Column to center of spindle 10″ (254mm)
Spindle to table, max. distance 25.437″ (646mm)
Column length 43″ (1092mm)
Min. center to center distance 20″ (508mm) dia
Motor … NEMA Frame Sizes 182 and 184
Shipping weights, approximate, with motors  
Drill press Style A 630 lbs (286kg)
Drill press Style B 390lbs (177kg)