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Putting productivity to the fore

Prestige SM Director

Yamazaki Mazak is set to showcase 13 productivity-enhancing solutions from its global portfolio of machine tool and laser-cutting machines, as part of a MACH stand dedicated to maximising efficiency for machine users across all areas of the UK’s manufacturing landscape.

With key sectors such as oil and gas making a resurgence in 2017, coupled with the ongoing buoyancy of automotive manufacturing and the fast-paced nature of the UK’s thriving medical devices market, Mazak will bring a stand fully-focused on showcasing its broad range of sector-specific metalcutting solutions that can enable manufacturers of all sizes and stages of the supply chain to drive productivity and cut downtime.

Productivity will be at the heart of its MACH 2018 stand, and Mazak will also use the platform to showcase its suite of Industry 4.0 solutions, which were first unveiled at EMO. The Mazak iSMART Factory works in partnership with Smooth Technology – claimed to be the world’s fastest CNC – to improve overall equipment effectiveness and facilitate data driven manufacturing via the seamless connection of the factory and office networks; the essence of Industry 4.0 in its purest and most accessible form.

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A Holistic View of Laser Machining

Prestige SM Director

At the JEC World Composite Show in Paris in March 2018, the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT will be focusing on the latest trends and innovations in laser machining of composites. Among other things, researchers at the booth shared with the Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production (AZL) will demonstrate how lasers can be used for joining, structuring, cutting and drilling composite materials.

No other industry has attracted as much public attention to composite materials as the automotive industry, which along with the aerospace industry is a driver of innovation and growth. In other industries too, composites are now becoming increasingly important. Yet users all face the same issue: the problem of finding suitable processing methods for their products.

Lasers change the whole process chain

Suitable for applications such as welding, cutting, ablation, drilling and thermoplastic tape laying, etc., this is where lasers come in. This puts lasers in competition with classical processes. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Olowinsky, Group Manager Micro Joining at Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, says: “When it comes to cutting and drilling, mechanical techniques such as milling, sawing or water-jet cutting are typically employed. For joining materials, adhesive bonding is the preferred method.”

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