Expertise in Diverse Materials, Precision Manufacturing, and Real-Time Operational Control

At Prestige Metal, our value-added services go beyond standard fabrication to offer comprehensive solutions for your metalworking needs. Specializing in working with a range of materials—including hot/cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass—we can handle everything from shim stock to plate with unparalleled expertise, particularly in stainless steel fabrication. Our manufacturing process is backed by a robust engineering department that conducts machine programming for various operations. Leveraging cutting-edge software, we can automatically unfold part drawings and generate machine codes that are networked directly to our state-of-the-art machine tools.

Further enhancing our value-added services is our use of high-precision lasers for cutting the majority of blanks. These lasers can swiftly cut sheet metal and plates while maintaining an extraordinary tolerance level of +/- 0.001 inches, providing us with a significant edge in delivering quality products. To keep our operations transparent and efficient, each job is meticulously tracked in real-time using bar-coded routers scanned at multiple network stations throughout our facility. This rigorous tracking system not only improves control over the manufacturing process but also enables real-time monitoring by our management team, ensuring that every project meets our stringent quality and timeline standards.

Equipment Capabilities & Specs

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1 – Haeger 824 Hydraulic Pem Serter fastener insertion system with Windows based touch-screen controller and automatic feed

The Haeger 824 Hydraulic Pem Serter fastener insertion system features a Windows-based touch-screen controller and automatic feed, providing a highly intuitive and efficient solution for precision fastener insertion in various materials.

1 – Delta Pedestal Drill Press

The Delta Pedestal Drill Press offers reliable and accurate drilling capabilities, designed for both high-volume production and specialized tasks, making it a versatile addition to any fabrication or machining setup.

1 – Claussen Drill Press with Commander Heads and Autofeed

Delivers robust drilling performance, featuring specialized heads for various drilling applications and an autofeed mechanism that enhances both accuracy and efficiency in high-volume operations.

2 – Vibratory Tumble Deburring Machine -24″ Length Piece Part Capacity

The Vibratory Tumble Deburring Machine, with its 24-inch length piece part capacity, offers an efficient and precise solution for smoothing and finishing metal components, making it ideal for both large and intricate parts.

2 – Miller Falls Deburring Machining

The Miller Falls Deburring Machine provides a specialized solution for edge finishing, efficiently removing burrs and imperfections from metal components to ensure a high-quality, smooth finish.

1 – Gauer Safety Edger Deburring Machining

The Gauer Safety Edger Deburring Machine excels in providing a safe and precise edge finishing process, effectively removing burrs and rough edges to deliver high-quality, smooth components.

1 – Mazak Machining Center

The Mazak Machining Center offers advanced CNC capabilities for a wide range of milling, drilling, and cutting operations, delivering high-precision and efficient production for complex parts and assemblies.

1 – Plasma Arc Cutting Unit

The Plasma Arc Cutting Unit provides a high-speed, accurate solution for cutting conductive metals, offering both excellent precision and the ability to handle complex geometries with ease.

1 – Small Bench Lathe – 9″ Swing

The Small Bench Lathe with a 9-inch swing is designed for precision and versatility, offering a compact but powerful solution for turning operations on smaller workpieces.

2 – Bridgeport Turret Mills: Height 12″, Table Length 36″ with 24″ travel

The Bridgeport Turret Mills, featuring a 12-inch height and a 36-inch table length with 24-inch travel, offer reliable and precise milling capabilities for a wide range of materials, making it a versatile asset for both general and specialized machining tasks.

Haeger 824 Hydraulic Pem Serter Fastener Insertion System

  • Windows-based touch-screen controller
  • Automatic feed system
  • Hydraulic operation for precise fastener insertion

Delta Pedestal Drill Press

  • Free-standing pedestal design
  • Variable speed settings
  • Reliable and accurate drilling capabilities

Claussen Drill Press with Commander Heads and Autofeed

  • Multiple Commander Heads for specialized drilling
  • Autofeed mechanism for automated operations
  • High-volume and precise drilling capabilities

Vibratory Tumble Deburring Machine – 24″ Length Piece Part Capacity

  • 24-inch length piece part capacity
  • Vibratory tumbling action for effective deburring
  • Suitable for both large and intricate parts

Miller Falls Deburring Machining

  • Specialized for edge finishing
  • Efficient burr and imperfection removal
  • High-quality, smooth finish capabilities

Gauer Safety Edger Deburring Machining

  • Safety edger for precise edge finishing
  • Effective burr and rough edge removal
  • Delivers high-quality, smooth components

Mazak Machining Center

  • Advanced CNC capabilities
  • Suitable for milling, drilling, and cutting
  • High-precision and efficient production

Plasma Arc Cutting Unit

  • High-speed cutting capabilities
  • Excellent precision for conductive metals
  • Capable of handling complex geometries

Small Bench Lathe – 9″ Swing

  • 9-inch swing capacity
  • Compact but powerful design
  • Precision turning capabilities for smaller workpieces

Bridgeport Turret Mills: Height 12″, Table Length 36″ with 24″ travel

  • 12-inch height turret mills
  • 36-inch table length with 24-inch travel
  • Versatile milling capabilities for a wide range of materials