Precision Shearing and Cutting Solutions

At Prestige Metal, our shearing capabilities are designed to provide maximum flexibility and precision in metal cutting. We operate two different shearing machines to meet your specific project needs: our Wysong Shear, with a 0-gauge capacity and up to 10 feet of sheet length, is ideal for larger, more demanding jobs, while our Lodge & Shipley Shear, with a 10-gauge capacity and a 2-foot sheet length, is perfect for more intricate tasks. Both machines are engineered to deliver the most accurate and straight cuts, with the capability to produce both angled and square cuts to suit your specifications.

Beyond shearing, we offer a diverse range of cutting solutions with three different types of saws. Our Abrasive Saw can handle up to an 18-inch cut, making it suitable for hard metals and complex profiles. The Marathon Circular Saw, with a 9-1/2 inch diameter capacity, excels in speed and precision, ideal for softer metals and more straightforward tasks. Lastly, our Horizontal Cutoff Saw and Powermatic Band Saw provide additional versatility, enabling us to make various types of cuts for different applications. With our comprehensive array of shearing and cutting equipment, Prestige Metal stands as your one-stop solution for all your metal fabrication needs.

Equipment, Material, & Specs

  • Equipment
  • Material Specs

1 – Wysong Shear – 0 gauge capacity/10 ft. sheet length

Able to handle sheet lengths of up to 10 feet, offers robust and precise shearing capabilities ideal for large-scale projects requiring accurate, straight cuts.

1 – Lodge & Shipley Shear – 10 gauge capacity/2 ft. sheet length

Perfect for smaller, intricate shearing tasks that require high precision and accurate, straight cuts.

1 – Abrasive Saw – 18″

Adept at handling hard metals and complex profiles, providing a robust solution for precision cutting needs.

1 – Marathon Circular Saw – 9-1/2 Dia

Excels in delivering fast and precise cuts, making it ideal for softer metals and straightforward cutting tasks.

1 – Horizontal Cutoff Saw

Offers versatile cutting options, capable of handling a variety of materials and cut types, making it a go-to solution for projects requiring both precision and adaptability.

1 – Powermatic Band Saw

Provides a versatile and reliable cutting solution, well-suited for a range of materials and applications, offering both speed and precision in various types of cuts.

We have two shearing machines available that offer up to two different maximum sizes. Our shearing capabilities allow for the most accurate, straight cuts which can be angled or square.

We also have three different saws available, used for different applications and cuts.