Advanced Press Brake Forming: Where Power Meets Precision

At Prestige Metals, our press brake forming capabilities are second to none, offering unparalleled flexibility and precision in shaping a diverse range of materials and thicknesses. Our equipment boasts a capacity ranging from 45 to 135 tons, capable of accommodating a maximum size of 12 feet. This makes us highly versatile, enabling us to handle virtually any brake-forming pressing job that comes our way. Whether your project demands intricate designs or large-scale production, Prestige Metals is your go-to source for high-quality, custom press brake forming solutions.

In addition to our extensive capacity and size range, our team of experienced professionals ensures that each job is executed with the highest level of accuracy and quality. Leveraging advanced technology and software, we can quickly adapt to project-specific requirements, providing you with tailor-made solutions that meet your exact needs. This commitment to quality and versatility allows us to serve a wide array of industries, from automotive and aerospace to construction and consumer goods. When you choose Prestige Metals for your press brake forming needs, you’re not just getting a service; you’re getting a partner committed to excellence at every step of the process.

Equipment, Material, & Specs

  • Equipment
  • Press Specs
  • Part Specs
  • Material Specs

Cincinnati 12 Foot, 90 Ton
Hydraulic Forming Press

Cincinnati 8 Foot, 90 Ton
Hydraulic Forming Press

1 – Cincinnati 12 foot, 90 Ton Hydraulic Forming Press with
CNC Multi-axis Back Gauge

Engineered for high-precision forming tasks across various materials. Its 90-ton capacity and 12-foot length, combined with a CNC Multi-axis Back Gauge, offer exceptional accuracy and versatility for complex bending and forming applications.

2 – Cincinnati 8 foot, 90 Ton Hydraulic Forming Presses with
CNC Multi-Axis Back Gauges

Designed for precise and versatile metal forming. Its compact 8-foot length combined with a 90-ton capacity and advanced CNC Multi-Axis Back Gauges make it ideal for intricate bending and shaping tasks.

1 – 12 Foot, 135 Hydraulic Forming Press

Offers robust capabilities for heavy-duty metal forming. With a 135-ton capacity and a 12-foot working length, this press is well-suited for tackling large-scale and complex bending and forming projects.

2 – Forty-five Ton Mechanical Forming Presses

Engineered for moderate metal forming needs, offering a balanced blend of power and precision. With its 45-ton capacity, this press is ideal for shaping a wide range of materials in both small-batch and high-volume applications.

Press Rating

  • Up to 500 tons
    550 metric tons

Press Speed

  • 100 cycles/min

Max. Feed Rate

  • 3 ft/s

Max. Press Stroke

  • 16 in

Max. Press Bed Length

  • 120 in

Max. Press Bed Width

  • 60 in
  • Maximum Part Length: 999.000 in
  • Maximum Part Width: 32.000 in

Tolerance(±): 0.001 in

We are capable of producing a variety of shapes and designs from various materials and thickness. With a 45 to 135-ton capacity and maximum size of 12 feet, we can handle nearly any brake-forming pressing job.