Prestige Metal Capabilities

At Prestige, our capabilities in material fabrication are both diverse and specialized, setting us apart from typical providers in the industry. We excel in working with a wide variety of materials—ranging from hot and cold rolled steel to aluminum and brass—with a distinct expertise in stainless steel fabrication. Our advanced engineering department underpins our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, utilizing sophisticated software to automate part drawings and generate machine codes, ensuring both speed and accuracy in all our projects.

We leverage high-precision lasers to achieve unparalleled speed and exceptional tolerances when cutting the majority of our blanks. This technological advantage significantly contributes to our competitive edge in delivering top-quality results. To maintain rigorous control and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process, we use bar-coded routers that are scanned at multiple network stations across our facility. This system provides real-time tracking and oversight, enabling us to consistently meet deadlines while upholding the high-quality standards that define Prestige.


Laser Cutting

We use lasers to cut up to 1″ mild steel, ¾” stainless steel, and ½” aluminum.


We have two shearing machines available that offer up to two different maximum sizes.


Our engineering software and equipment allow us to design the perfect solution to fit your needs.

Value Added Services

Prestige offers value-added services through our advanced engineering and precision manufacturing capabilities.

Weld, Grind & Polish

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to work with nearly any type of weldable material.

Press Brake Forming

We are capable of producing a variety of shapes and designs from various materials and thickness.

Punching & Stamping

Our advanced CNC turret punch press allows us to punch many different sizes and shapes.


At Prestige Metals, we offer high quality CNC Machining services to our customers.