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  • Saw Head Frame
    The rigid ‘C’ section frame carries the mountings for the two band wheels, heavy duty worm drive gear reducer, the band drive motor and saw guide arm mounting supports.
  • Band Wheels & Drive System
    The inverter controlled band drive motor is directly coupled to the worm gear reducer eliminating friction losses of a variable speed pulley drive. The drive wheel transmission is designed and manufactured by Amada to provide a high efficiency speed reduction, which requires no external cooling to deliver more power to the drive wheel. Band speed is set on using the band speed adjustment knob on the control panel.
  • Canted Head and Single Column Mounting
    The head is canted 8° to enable the machine to cut rolled sections e.g. I beams or rectangular tubing at significantly faster rates because the blade is never in full contact with the horizontal section of the material. The single column mounting enables the saw guides to be much closer together compared to scissor type machines which improves the cutting performance.
  • Full Stroke Clamping Vise
    The full stroke clamping vise reduces the operator’s setup time for different widths of material.
  • Manual Vise Inching Control
    The vise inching control enables the operator to more accurately locate the work piece for the cut because he can inch the vise until it is just touching the material but not clamped hard. Then with the help of the shadow line projector, make any small adjustment to the position to produce the desired cut.
  • Guarding
    The saw band is constrained within the heavy gage guarding in all non-cutting areas.
  • 8 Degrees Saw Head Cant
  • 60 Degree Miter Capability
  • Direct Drive
  • Full Stroke Vise
  • Inverter Blade Speed Control
  • Light Beam Marking
  • Post Construction Type Saw Head

Cutting Capacity:
Round (Diameter):
12.6″ (at 90°) 320 mm (at 90°)
8.9″ (at 45°) 220 mm (at 45°)
3.9″ (at 60°) 100 mm (at 45°)

Rectangle (W x H):
16″ x 11″ (at 90°) 400 x 280 mm (at 90°)
8.9″ x 11″ (at 45°) 220 x 280 mm (at 45°)
3.9″ x 11″ (at 60°) 100 x 280 mm (at 60°)

Work Load Capacity:
880 lbs. 400 kg.

Head Up Position 77.6″ x 56.3″ x 73.4″ 1970 x 1430 x 1865 mm
Head Down Position 77.6″ x 56.3″ x 64.0″ 1970 x 1430 x 1625 mm