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Prestige can fabricate in hot/cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass from shim stock to plate. We are experts in fabricating in stainless steel. Manufacturing is supported by an engineering department that does machine programming for operations. Part drawings are automatically unfolded by our computer software and create machine codes that are networked to the machine tool.

Prestige uses high precision lasers to cut the majority of blanks. The ability of the lasers to cut sheet metal and plate fast and hold a tolerance of +/- 0.001 inches gives Prestige an advantage. Each operation in each job is accounted for using bar coded routers scanned at one of several network stations throughout the facility. This improves control and allows job progress to be watched in real time by management.


Laser Cutting

2 – Flat Sheet Lasers, 2000 and 5200 Watts.

Intended Cutting Material:

Heavy Plate
Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals
Stainless Steel
Thin Metal

Cutting Axis:


Cutting Thickness:

2D: Up to 1.000 mild steel
Up to .500 stainless steel
Up to .250 galvanized
Up to .375 aluminum

3D: Up to .500 mild steel
Up to .190 stainless steel
Up to .125 galvanized

We use our lasers to cut up to 1” mild steel, up to ¾” stainless steel, and up to ½” aluminum. We own a wide range of tooling for our presses. We punch holes, shapes, louvers, embosses and more.

Punching & Stamping

1 – Wiedemann Centrum 1000 CNC Turret Punch Press

4 – Obi Punch Presses, 10 to 65 ton capacity

Production Capabilities: Bulk

High Volume

Thin Gauge

Stamping Features: Countersunk






Press Rating: 132 ton

Press Speed: 900 cycles/min

Maximum Press Bed Length: 96 in

Maximum Press Bed Width: 48 in

Our advanced CNC turret punch press allows us to punch many different sizes and shapes, allowing a great range of versatility. Additionally, with 4 Obi Punch Presses up to 65 ton capacity we can run 4 different punching operations simultaneously.

Press Brake Forming

6 – Brake Forming Presses, 45 to 135 ton capacity, up to 12 feet long.

Press Rating: Up to 500 tons
550 metric tons

Press Speed: 100 cycles/min

Maximum Feed Rate: 3 ft/s

Maximum Press Stroke: 16 in

Maximum Press Bed Length: 120 in

Maximum Press Bed Width: 60 in

Maximum Part Length: 999.000 in

Maximum Part Width: 32.000 in

Tolerance(±): 0.001 in

We are capable of producing a variety of shapes and designs from various materials and thickness. With a 45 to 135-ton capacity and maximum size of 12 feet, we can handle nearly any brake-forming pressing job.

Press Brake Forming

modern press brake in manufacturing


4 – Spot Welders, 50, 75, and 100 KVA

1 – Lincoln Electric – Precision TIG 375

3 – Miller Syncrowave 250 DX

1 – Sureweld Miller Wire Feed Welder

2 – Miller Spoolamatic Wire Feed Welder

1 – SMI C.D. Stud Welder

1 – Harnischfaeger Wirematic 200

5 – Miller Heli-Arc: AC/DC

2 – Double Arbor Polishing/Buffing Units

1 – Stroke Sander 36” x 96”

8 – Misc. Disc Grinders and Belt Grinders, Electric and Air Driven

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to work with nearly any type of weldable material. We are ISO9001:2008 compliant and meet a wide range of metal industry standards.

Besides welding, we also regularly perform grinding and polishing operations. We maintain a high standard of accuracy and are capable of polishing both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


1 – Wysong Shear – 10 gauge capacity/10 ft. sheet length

1 – Lodge & Shipley Shear – 10 gauge capacity/2 ft. sheet length

1 – Marathon Circular Saw – 9-1/2” diameter

1 – Horizontal Cutoff Saw

1 – Powermatic Band Saw

We have two shearing machines available that offer up to two different maximum sizes. Our shearing capabilities allow for the most accurate, straight cuts which can be angled or square.

We also have three different saws available, used for different applications and cuts.


1 – Autocad 3D & Inventor Software

1 – HP E Size Plotter

1 – Pronest Automatic Nesting Software

1 – Myriad 2D/3D Engineering Viewing Software

1 – Computer Network throughout the facility

Our engineering software and equipment allow us to see fully-realized designs before they are sent to be manufactured. We can use this software to design the perfect solution to fit your needs, and make adjustments before having it produced.

Value Added Services

1 – Haeger 824 Hydraulic Pem Serter fastener insertion system with Windows based touch-screen controller and automatic feed.

1 – Delta Pedestal Drill Press

1 – Claussen Drill Press with commander heads and autofeed

2 – Vibratory Tumble Deburring Machine – 24” Length Piece Part Capacity

3 – Miller Falls Deburring Machine

3 – Flexible Shaft Grinders

1 – Plasma Arc Cutting Unit

1 – Small Bench Lathe – 9” Swing

1 – Six-Twelve Surface Grinder

2 – Bridgeport Turret Mills

In addition to the other operations we provide, we are also capable of deburring, plasma arc cutting, lathe turning and more. Virtually any operation involving the fabrication of sheet metal is possible with Prestige Metals.

Value Added Services

Prestige Drill Press

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